INSPIRED project and in partnership with ILO, WEAB have attended a five-day training programme on " Entrepreneurship Development & Business Management", “Start Your Business”, developed by ILO which is specifically organized for those entrepreneurs who have recently established their businesses or those who would want to establish their own businesses. This five-day training programme scheduled from Saturday, 23rd to Wednesday, 27th July 2016. The training programme will take place at the premises of Bangladesh bank Training Academy (BBTA), in Mirpur.
WEAB Executive and General Body members gathered in a meeting to celebrate after Eid festive.
WEAB arranged a press conference at Sheuti to disclose the demand of Women entrepreneurs in the upcoming budget FY-2016 on May 28, 2016
WEAB arranged on April 10, 2016 a 3-days fair for Boishakhi mela at Sheuti with a vision to promote products of SME women Entrepreneur and from very rural zilla and upazilla lots of entrepreneurs came and did a profitable business.
Women Entrepreneur Association of Bangladesh (WEAB) demands Realistic National Budget (2012-2013)
On June 19, 2012, the women entrepreneur Association of Bangladesh (WEAB) held a meeting to discuss on National Budget (2012-13) in Kawran Bazar (Dhaka). This meeting was presided over by the President of WEAB, Mrs. Nasreen Awal Mintoo who reviewed the National Budget (2012-2013) presented in the national Parliament. She has praised the Honorable Finance Minister for allocation of Tk. 100 crore to women entrepreneur and homeless women but demanded of equitable distribution of funds for the Welfare of Women Communities irrespective of their classes. According to WEAB, most of the Women Entrepreneur at the grass root fails to comply with the traditional rules and regulations of Ministry of Commerce, and facing access problems either to business Chambers or Association.

Aims and Objectives

1. Establish a non-profit trade organization under the aegis of The Federation of Bangladesh Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FBCCI) registered with the Ministry of Commerce, to bring together women entrepreneur of Bangladesh under one umbrella.
2. Help women entrepreneur by identifying weakness and problems faced by them, and find solutions to overcome these.
3. Provide technical training in fields like skill development, quality and design development, book keeping and help find market outlets for women entrepreneur.
4. Organize workshops, seminars, symposiums and round tables where women entrepreneur can get together to exchange ideas and expand their business horizon.
5. Eliminate gender discrimination in the business field.
6. Facilitate loan provision for needy women entrepreneur though bank.
7. Help develop women run businesses with special focus on small and medium enterprises.
8. Find market linkage for women producers both in the country and abroad.
9. Enhance social position of women, inspire other women to enter the entrepreneurial field, and stem social abuse and exploitation of women.
10. Help women develop their personality, instill self-confidence and enhance their self-esteem, improve their status in their homes and in society.
11. Improve standard of living and alleviate poverty in the country.
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